Adamari Lopez

I helped a friend by snapping some photos of her interviewing a famous actress from the Hispanic networks.

Adamari Lopez is a Puerto Rican actress famous for participating in several Puerto Rican and Mexican soap operas. She is currently a host on the Telemundo morning show “Un Nuevo Día”



Group shots…

I was bought in for a conference or sales reps of KIA.  An interesting shoot with some unique challenges.  2 days, 2 groups, both sessions needed a 24 hour turn around on a unique sized print for each person in the group.  I had to rent a printer and buy special ink since I couldn’t find a local shop that could do it or me in that time frame.

Luckily the hotel had a great set of stairs.  There are 3 lights for the first group and 4 for the second!

DSC_0460 DSC_0461

Artisans of Ghana

I got the opportunity to shoot the product line for

Artisans of Ghana

They have some really cute stuff.  Everything is imported from Africa and its all “fair trade”.    I posted a few of my favorite shots.  I gave the monkey to the business owner.  I thought it made a fun prop and mascot for the company!  The owners daughter modeled the apron for me.  :)

20SM 25SM 29SM


Commercial spaces…

With my new camera, new opportunities have surfaced.  Before I didn’t have a full sensor so even on a wide lens, I still could  not properly shoot a room.  Now, it’s not a problem.  I have also gotten better at stitching photos.  Occasionally when I am out with my camera, a room or space will inspire me to take a photo.  Here are a few examples of that inspiration.

DSC_1510bThis is a single shot of a hotel lounge space in the woman’s restroom.  I loved the pink!


This one is the lobby of a highrise apartment in downtown Chicago. There is only one image but photoshop was used to correct the camera distortion.

DSC_0058smThis image was a bit trickier.  There are 3 individual shots here stitched together.  I didn’t have my tripod with me and the staff kept moving around between the frames.  LOL!  In case you are wondering… the coffee here is delish!

The Actor Headshot

I tried something a little different for this client.  With actors, you have the freedom to play around with lighting and personality a little more.  A corporate headshot, not so much.  So… when Mike contacted me to do his portraits, I got a little creative.  I loved the results.

I could totally picture his as a character on a comedy sitcom!

DSC_0695 DSC_0706 DSC_0719