These shoots are always fun.  I am such a romantic at heart.  These to are not engaged… yet…  They just wanted a shoot together for fun.  They are both long term clients of mine who use me for events at each of their companies.

Aren’t they adorable!

DSC_3623 DSC_3616 DSC_3615

Calm before the storm…

Almost literally.  We were rushing because the wind was picking up and the life guards were walking towards us to let us know the beach was closing,.  If you know anything about Chicago beach front you know, those waves get HUGE! You can already see the water getting choppy in the background.  The second we got to the car it stated pouring.  Crazy thing was, it was at least 80 and sunny when we had started an hour earlier.


In the water…

I can not deny that my favorite shoots are shoots done in the water.  Why yes, I do take $5000 worth of gear waist deep into the water to get the shot.  (although technically I was probably only calf deep in this shot.)

You can see this beautiful beach babe slinging drinks at night at Hydrate in Chicago.  Tip well, he is the sweetest guy you will ever meet.



I think every photographer does it at some point in time.  You run out of things to photograph so you go back to your roots and take a macro photo of a flower.  Although this one was taken 10 feet away with a 200 mm lens, LOL!



So, I don’t really consider myself to be a “fashion” photographer.  Although by definition, these images would be considered fashion editorial images.  Really, I was photographing a concert and noticed this magically lit alley outside the venue and asked the singer and her friend to pose for me while we were waiting to open.  :)

DSC_8332 sm v



Here is something I have seen other fashion photographers do.  The 2 images side by side that is.  A close up and a fuller length image.  I like the idea.  I think maybe I should do them more often.  Although I like the hands close up and then full body for kids.  Fashion really isn’t my thing…  Mostly because it seems the people involved rarely get paid for shoots.  LOL!  The phrase TFP needs to be squashed!

DSC_4508 collage