This awesome couple liked my club photos so much that they hired me for a private party in their home. To make sure the photos looked like a night club, they rented special lighting for me! LOL! Hows that for customer loyalty!



This summer went by so quick.  Here we are in the middle of winter and I am still playing catch up with my blog posts from all the wonderful year’s photo shoots.  Just a few short weeks left.

I did a winter shoot at this location today with a family.  It reminded me of this quirky couple so I had to post!  I really do love doing engagement shoots!

DSC_1939-2 DSC_1910-2 DSC_1901-2


I brought them with me to this shoot.  This little girl seems to have a lot of anxiety over getting her photo taken.  It’s times like this when a photo journalistic approach to child photography is super helpful.  The trick is to entertain and distract! Bubbles are the perfect tool! DSC_8771 b

Star struck…

Occasionally in my travels I get to photograph celebs.  On a recent trip to Portland Oregon I had the pleasure of photographing their annual art auction.  Each year they bring in some pretty big names.  Last year I got to see Taylor Dane.  his yea is was Joey Arias Thomas M. Lauderdale from Pink Martini.

The list of incredible things Joey has done goes on and on!  You can read about her fabulous life on Wiki.

DSC_7076 b


I am really enjoying some of the filters I have found for my photos recently.  Sometimes I create my own, sometimes I find presets online.  It’s ll about using what works best for your client and the image.  In this case I went pulled up an image from earlier this summer and applied a soft focus fall filter onto the image.  I really think it makes a huge difference.

I would love to hear your opinions.  Do you prefer a more natural look to images or would you rather have a stylized fantasy photo?

DSC_6612 b


Occasionally I shoot at the Stars Theater in Portland Oregon.  The city has a ton of talented artists and performers.  You can see shows almost every night.  This one came from Caravan of Glam.  While the acts are top notch, the venue’s lighting is sub par!   The manager also lets his stage hand girlfriend hang out ON the stage during the performances so anybody on the right side of the room can see her skankey ass lurking in front of the curtain.  It’s such a shame!  I photo shopped her out of this shot.  This performer was singing opera during her ariel dance.